Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Fun

These guys are the cutest things in the world. Especially in the pajama's that we gave him. I love them so much!

Just some pictures fun from christmas. It was a mellow year with so much going on!

Friday, November 21, 2008

8th Anniversary - Coast Trip

We took off on Monday night 17th and headed for Lincoln city for 4 days. We had a blast. We got to our hotel and were a little nervous, at night it looked a little bit on the creepy side but the room was very nice with a jetted spa in the room!! The view was incredible as well.

I made a friend...and all it took was a few crackers! "Sammy" the seagull, stayed right there outside our window for virtually the entire 4 days! It was pretty fun!

There was some steps down the beach so we walked on the beach, Seth took some pictures and I did a little running and walking up to the "D" river. Which is the shortest river in the world @ 150'.
TUESDAY we headed up to tillamook. We toured the tillamook cheese factory and watched the videos about how they made cheese! We have been there before but usually on the weekend and haven't gotten the chance to actually see the whole process. It was really cool and the samples were delicious! We also brought some home along with some fudge!
On the way back we decided to skip the air museum and instead head up to munson falls. It was a fun little hike into some beautiful woods! The trail was really nice too, but washed away in some places.

That night we went to a steak and seafood restaurant which was a little on the spendy side but was so incredibly delicious! I am telling you the best meal I have EVER had. It was called the kernsville steakhouse...I highly recommend it!

Wednesday was an incredibly LAZY day! I did not want to get out of bed! It felt so good to not have any demands on my time. When we did get going we drove around devils lake and stopped at Chinook winds casino. (Flashbacks to Vegas!!) We walked down on the beach and it was so beautiful!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


OCTOBER 9th 2008, Portland Oregon...The Best Concert EVER!

We had a blast at this concert! Weezer was so incredible and we had awesome
seats. The last time we saw Weezer were in the nose bleed section and the
music was great but we couldn't even see the band. This time we were
right there. We saw them before they got on stage. We were right next to
Brian as he came out to watch Angels and Airwaves play. It was so much
fun! We stood and sang along to every song they played. They only played
one song that I didn't know and I found out after the concert that it
was a Pink Floyd song, so I felt better about that!

I want that track suit! I Love It! Brian is on the right and I love him too!

WEEZER BABY!!...But second to play ANGELS AND AIRWAVES!!

Angels and Airwaves was much better than Tokyo police. They had a lot of weird boxes and equipment that blocked some of the view and that was annoying! I didn't recognize much of the music but I hear that they are getting pretty popular. I guess I am just too old to know who they are!!

PS. What is the deal with skinny legged jeans? They are so incredibly disgusting looking on guys! I am not a fan!!

WEEZER BABY!! ...but first Tokyo Police!

Not to be rude...but this opening act for the concert was just plain painful! I think Seth enjoyed this somewhat but I had to get up and leave, the guy who was plaing the keyboard and was closest to our side of the stage was just obnoxious to watch! He was kind of a spaz! Cassie was in agreement!

We had incredible seats and were able to watch the bands come on and off the stage as well. It was fun to see them joking around with each other before actually hitting the stage and the deep sighs of relief when they were coming off the stage! We also got to see a lot of the behind the scene work before the concert and there were some lighting issues they were fixing during the opening acts that were fun to watch. They climb up these crazy rope was cool to watch!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WCWC - Tyler's Birthday!

September 29th, 2008

We got the oppurtunity to go as a family to the Regional Sports Center and see the West Coast Wrestling Connection, for Tyler's birthday, it was so fun for the boys. Professional wrestling is... will just have to see for yourself! They are coming back November 1st and there is bound to be a much larger crowd!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

The pool is UP!!!

Now that it is freezing cold today and I have been in a sweat shirt and jeans. THE POOL IS UP! I am so excited for warmth, I hope that I get the oppurtunity to swim before Fall sets in! I will try and post some pictures but it is huge and next year we will have some great patios and plants to make it look better! YIPPEE! It's awesome!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Pool...from H, E, Double hockey sticks!!!

So, my wonderful friend who lives up in Vida is moving! She is so excited and offered to sell us her pool for dirt cheap so we jumped on the chance. This isn't just any pool it is a 15'x30', $4000 dollar above ground pool and it is so fun. I was so excited...UNTIL...we started reading the instructions. It started with the fact that the ground has to be level in the entire area with in 1 inch. We have about 1000 moles out here and if you have seen our yard you know this was a challenge that lasted a FULL day and half...but Seth did it!!!

Then the 2 hours we planned to take down turned into about 8 hours, then put up took another day and more than once the whole project almost ended in the river!! But now the frame is up and we have another problem. Rain...Crappy Rain....and the liner doesn't match up and we have a lot of patching, stretching and have to find 4-6 other people to help us in our misery!!!

I just needed to vent I am sure this is worth it...

Look how much bigger the pool is than the truck...I will be able to swim laps in my pool! The brown grass area is going to be a brick paver pathway to the pool steps, the brown sand area will hopefully be framed in railroad ties and filled in with some easy on the feet pea gravel...these will be future projects for now.

Nala is very curious about what is happening outside her window...she has been hearing lots of yelling and frustration lately...

These are the steps we will install, once we get the pool liner installed. The big black thing, we will eventually hide is the filter for the pool and I don't have a picture of them but we also have solar panals to heat the pool!!

A special thanks to Dad Ruhnow and Mike for all their help!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Photo's From the buggie Show - OR State Fair

I just put these pictures on the computer so...I thought I would put them here. These are of Gabe's Cassie and her family. They go to the Oregon State Fair each year to show their ginormous horses and in this show the horses are all dressed up pretty with ribbons braided in the mane and hooked up to a cute old buggie. It was fun!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Just look at these handsome eagle scouts...and that one cute soon to be eagle scout! They are so adorable!
Congratulations Josh the newest eagle scout in the family. What a lot of hard work goes into that! So proud of you Joshua!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Oregon State Fair

Saturday the 22nd, headed to the State Fair to see Gabe and Cassie. We got to see Cassie's family show there horse and buggies. It was pretty fun. It was fun seeing Gabe, we haven't gotten to see him much and I think Seth misses that...We took off from the fair and I dropped the boys to see "A Dark Knight" the IMAX experience, while I ran some errands.
It's funny Seth had seen it 3 times already and when it got out he said "It just wasn't as good the 4th time." So...moral of the story, only see it 3 times in the theater. Wait till it goes to video to see it the 4th time...(Hee Hee) I love that movie!!

It's Official

My little brother is finally getting married...I can't believe that he is old enough but apparently they keep growing up even when you aren't paying attention!!
Charity is great and I am so excited to have her as apart of the family. She brings out the best in my favorite middle brother!! I have never seen him like he is around her I can't even explain it. They will be great together, I am sure of it!

California - Family Reunion

August 16 my cousin Megan Schoepke got married in the Oakland temple. Slowly one by one all of the kids decided to go. It was so much fun!! I can't even remember the last time the entire family was together. Tammy came up from San Diego and even Charity, Matt's...Friend??? (Who will soon be family...I am sure!) Mom and Dad were able to get a couple of 2 bedroom hotel suites across the hall from each other. Dad used his Marriott points so we didn't even have to pay for it....YIPPEE!!

It was so much fun...we invented a new game called "Thong ball" it began as "Flip Flop Football" but that was a mouthful to say....we divided the teams into Ben, Garret Schoepke, and I against Tammy, Josh and Rachel. (We dominated...of course!!) Basically this was tackle football in the swimming pool with a flip flop sandal instead of a ball. It was a felt like we were kids again...there weren't even any injuries except Josh elbowed me in the nose and it hurt for days, but no blood so it didn't count!!!

We initiated Charity to the family by kicking Matt out of the hotel room and playing 10 fingers. She is great and continues to be attracted to Matt after spending a weekend with the whole clan...if she can survive that I vote "She's a Keeper!"

The last night JOSH came in and slept in the middle of Tammy and I on the King bed. It was so fun...I love that guy. He has spent the summer working for me at the Regional Sports Center and I am really going to miss him.

So...the trip went great, I feel so lucky to have such wonderful parents and siblings. Sometimes it feels like we are so spread out and busy that we don't see each other nearly enough!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


We are going to the fair on Tuesday...because Seth has 3 pictures hanging in the photography exhibit...and I can't wait to get my hands on some cotton candy!!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Going to the State Fair...

We got the results today! Seth's photo Humble Beginnings (the barn) will be exhibited at the Oregon State Fair!! I am so EXCITED!!! So...if you find yourself in Salem at the State Fair make sure that you go to the Photo exibit and look at it!!!

My bum!


There is a new study about women and how they feel about their bums, the results were pretty interesting:

30% of women think their bum is too fat.......

10% of women think their bum is too skinny......

The remaining 60% say they don't care, they love him, he's a good man, and they wouldn't trade him for the world.



Sunday, August 3, 2008

Photography Contests

This year I decided that I would enter some of Seth's photographs in the Lane County Fair and the Oregon State Fair Contests. I was told that wildlife and unusual pictures are the ones to enter so...I submitted these three photographs (there was a limit of 3 pictures per photographer) and we should get the State Fair judging results in the mail this week! I am so excited, I picked the sprinkler one because I love it and it is really unusual. These barn one is my favorite and am blowing it up and hanging it above my bed. The bird one is just awesome. The bird sat in the middle of the road for a few minutes while Seth inched forward...he was not moving an inch. I know you can't get the story across in a picture but it was funny to me and so I entered it. Hope that you enjoy the picture and wish Seth lots of luck!!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Just something that made me laugh today!


A blonde woman boards an airplane. She is extremely exhausted and just wants to take a nap. She finally finds her seat and sits down next to a very curious young man.

He wants to test the whole dub blonde thing and possibly make some money out of it. "Hey, wanna play a game?" he asks her. "No thank you, i just want to take a nap." "Please, its really easy, all you have to do is answer the questions that i ask you. If you don't know the answer, then you give me five dollars, and if I don't know the answer to your question, then Ill give you five dollars."

"I really don't want to do this. I just want to take a nap."

"Oh but PLEASE pretty please. Okay, how about if I don't know the answer to your question, I'll give you five hundred dollars." The blonde woman became interested and decided to play the game.

"Okay. How many moons does jupiter have?" the young man asked. The woman reached into her purse and took out a five dollar bill. "What goes up the mountain with three legs and comes back down with four?".

The young man, determined not to lose, gets out his laptop and searches all over the internet for an answered. Flustered and confused, the young man hand the blonde five hundred dollars.

After a few hours, the young man was itching to know the answer to the question."What was the answer to the riddle?" the blonde woman reached into her purse and handed the young man a five dollar bill.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Just a thought...

Are spider stories to women, like fish stories are to men?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spider Drama...

Act 1 - Spider in the rear view mirror!

We are heading into California on I-5, there are 4 lanes of traffic and we are 3 lanes from the right side of the road and all the sudden Mom swerves through 3 lanes of traffic to a quick stop on the right shoulder. She jumps out of the car and the yells into the car "Now I don't want anyone to panic, but look at the rear view mirror." There is a spider about the size of a nickel (if you ask mom quarter size, and Rachel is pretty sure it is silver dollar sized) on the mirror. So...since no men were present I suck it up and go to kill the spider so mom will get back in the car. But...I missed and it was knocked into the drivers seat floor. Mom doesn't want to drive anymore so we switch and I get into the drivers seat. As I glance in the rear view mirror there is a police car behind me and a tap on the passenger side window.

Mom explains about the spider and then there is about a 10 second pause (While I am pretty sure he was trying to gain composure and not laugh at us!) before he says "So...crisis has been averted?" We said yes and started the car. We took off on our way as I am sure the police officer phoned all his friends to tell them about the crazy Oregon women...

Act 2 - Spider on the drama queen!

Two days later after going to a wedding and having an afternoon swim, Rachel and I decided to go to the store and get a deck of cards to play and get some fries and burgers from In and Out burger. We get in the car and just barely got on the freeway when Rachel starts screaming hysterically that a spider is crawling across her face. I blow her off saying it was just her hair being blown in her face by the AC. She insists it was the spider, I insist it wasn't. Then starting her screaming again she points to the (nickel, quarter, silver dollar) sized spider on the center console. I pick up a napkin and kill the spider...which should be the end.

Act 3 - Benefits of being a BIG sister!

For the entire evening the screaming and freaking out continued even after returning to the hotel room so... that night we are all tucked in bed (rachel and I sharing a queen) and I can't help myself, I just had to run my fingers up her arm!! She freaked out and it made the whole drama worth living.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I'm telling..."

Remember the days when you were a kid in the car on a road trip. Your brother/sister is sitting next to you, poking you repeatedly. Eventually you tell Mom and she tells him to stop poking you, so he does. Then he holds his finger an inch from your face and says "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you!" This has become my life... again.

We are in week 4 of Summer Camp and this is my day, everyday. I actually came into work 2 hours early so I could get something done before the kids desended to cover every surface of our 200,000 sq. ft. building. It amazes me how one kid can be in 10 places at once!!!

I joke, it isn't all that bad!! I have several new friends, Eric is adorable and so fun, Daniel always wants attention and hangs on me but is a little devil and makes me laugh! Ilias brings me one of his toys everyday and tells me all about it. He gets picked on a lot and I look forward to his incesant talking each morning!! I also secretly love alexander, the kid is a terror but he is so stinking cute, if he were my kid he could get away with anything!!

Today I had a child sitting with me and he acually put his finger by my face and said "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you!!" It gave me flashbacks and just made me want to call my mom!!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This blog is for all of you who continually bother me to start a blog…I give in!! (Especially Janet, you win!) I don’t know that I will be able to keep this blog updated but it will be my best attempt at keeping a journal!

Wow, we are busy all the time but it doesn’t seem like it when I sit down to write about it. We have spent hours, days and weeks working on our yard. We haven’t had a working tractor so we let the yard go but we have mowed and we removed all of the awful brick work in the front and laid bark-o-mulch. It looks so good. We planted some pretty rhododendrons and some other plants. It looks great with my pink hanging baskets. I fertilized the front and back and now the moles are back!! (any ideas on how to get rid of them would be greatly appriated!)

Seth is working for UPS and hopes to continue on there and eventually drive a truck for them. In the mean time he is working with his dad and working to complete his bachelor’s degree from PSU (Portland State University). He is a busy guy!

I am working for the Regional Sports Center and I love it. It is funny to me that as the least athletic person in my family, my work is in a sports facility! We have hosted many events including volleyball & basketball tournaments, fundraisers, kids camp and my favorite event so far, the 2008 Special Olympics. It was great! Josh is currently working for me as a summer camp counselor, and that has been fun. I am also excited to have Makenna come for a week this summer!!

Seth & I were recently called as ward missionaries and we have a new ward mission leader that is very gung ho! I am excited to get involved with missionary work in our ward.

Well, I think that gets us up to date with what is going on….keep posted, we may exciting news in the future!! (probably not!!)