Sunday, July 20, 2008

Spider Drama...

Act 1 - Spider in the rear view mirror!

We are heading into California on I-5, there are 4 lanes of traffic and we are 3 lanes from the right side of the road and all the sudden Mom swerves through 3 lanes of traffic to a quick stop on the right shoulder. She jumps out of the car and the yells into the car "Now I don't want anyone to panic, but look at the rear view mirror." There is a spider about the size of a nickel (if you ask mom quarter size, and Rachel is pretty sure it is silver dollar sized) on the mirror. So...since no men were present I suck it up and go to kill the spider so mom will get back in the car. But...I missed and it was knocked into the drivers seat floor. Mom doesn't want to drive anymore so we switch and I get into the drivers seat. As I glance in the rear view mirror there is a police car behind me and a tap on the passenger side window.

Mom explains about the spider and then there is about a 10 second pause (While I am pretty sure he was trying to gain composure and not laugh at us!) before he says "So...crisis has been averted?" We said yes and started the car. We took off on our way as I am sure the police officer phoned all his friends to tell them about the crazy Oregon women...

Act 2 - Spider on the drama queen!

Two days later after going to a wedding and having an afternoon swim, Rachel and I decided to go to the store and get a deck of cards to play and get some fries and burgers from In and Out burger. We get in the car and just barely got on the freeway when Rachel starts screaming hysterically that a spider is crawling across her face. I blow her off saying it was just her hair being blown in her face by the AC. She insists it was the spider, I insist it wasn't. Then starting her screaming again she points to the (nickel, quarter, silver dollar) sized spider on the center console. I pick up a napkin and kill the spider...which should be the end.

Act 3 - Benefits of being a BIG sister!

For the entire evening the screaming and freaking out continued even after returning to the hotel room so... that night we are all tucked in bed (rachel and I sharing a queen) and I can't help myself, I just had to run my fingers up her arm!! She freaked out and it made the whole drama worth living.


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Hailey said...

Sarah you have a blog! Holy henna this is amazing! Now we can talk even more! Yay I hope your still loving the hair and that you had fun on your trip to utah! (: lovs hays