Sunday, August 24, 2008

California - Family Reunion

August 16 my cousin Megan Schoepke got married in the Oakland temple. Slowly one by one all of the kids decided to go. It was so much fun!! I can't even remember the last time the entire family was together. Tammy came up from San Diego and even Charity, Matt's...Friend??? (Who will soon be family...I am sure!) Mom and Dad were able to get a couple of 2 bedroom hotel suites across the hall from each other. Dad used his Marriott points so we didn't even have to pay for it....YIPPEE!!

It was so much fun...we invented a new game called "Thong ball" it began as "Flip Flop Football" but that was a mouthful to say....we divided the teams into Ben, Garret Schoepke, and I against Tammy, Josh and Rachel. (We dominated...of course!!) Basically this was tackle football in the swimming pool with a flip flop sandal instead of a ball. It was a felt like we were kids again...there weren't even any injuries except Josh elbowed me in the nose and it hurt for days, but no blood so it didn't count!!!

We initiated Charity to the family by kicking Matt out of the hotel room and playing 10 fingers. She is great and continues to be attracted to Matt after spending a weekend with the whole clan...if she can survive that I vote "She's a Keeper!"

The last night JOSH came in and slept in the middle of Tammy and I on the King bed. It was so fun...I love that guy. He has spent the summer working for me at the Regional Sports Center and I am really going to miss him.

So...the trip went great, I feel so lucky to have such wonderful parents and siblings. Sometimes it feels like we are so spread out and busy that we don't see each other nearly enough!!

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