Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Pool...from H, E, Double hockey sticks!!!

So, my wonderful friend who lives up in Vida is moving! She is so excited and offered to sell us her pool for dirt cheap so we jumped on the chance. This isn't just any pool it is a 15'x30', $4000 dollar above ground pool and it is so fun. I was so excited...UNTIL...we started reading the instructions. It started with the fact that the ground has to be level in the entire area with in 1 inch. We have about 1000 moles out here and if you have seen our yard you know this was a challenge that lasted a FULL day and half...but Seth did it!!!

Then the 2 hours we planned to take down turned into about 8 hours, then put up took another day and more than once the whole project almost ended in the river!! But now the frame is up and we have another problem. Rain...Crappy Rain....and the liner doesn't match up and we have a lot of patching, stretching and have to find 4-6 other people to help us in our misery!!!

I just needed to vent I am sure this is worth it...

Look how much bigger the pool is than the truck...I will be able to swim laps in my pool! The brown grass area is going to be a brick paver pathway to the pool steps, the brown sand area will hopefully be framed in railroad ties and filled in with some easy on the feet pea gravel...these will be future projects for now.

Nala is very curious about what is happening outside her window...she has been hearing lots of yelling and frustration lately...

These are the steps we will install, once we get the pool liner installed. The big black thing, we will eventually hide is the filter for the pool and I don't have a picture of them but we also have solar panals to heat the pool!!

A special thanks to Dad Ruhnow and Mike for all their help!!


DnJKnightonFamily said...

That sounds like a lot of hard will love it when it is all done though;)

Desiree said...

Is it ready to swim yet? Looks like it'll be a lot of fun when it's done! And, why am I always the last to know, Matt's getting married!!! I kind of expected when I heard the way things were going :-)