Sunday, October 19, 2008


OCTOBER 9th 2008, Portland Oregon...The Best Concert EVER!

We had a blast at this concert! Weezer was so incredible and we had awesome
seats. The last time we saw Weezer were in the nose bleed section and the
music was great but we couldn't even see the band. This time we were
right there. We saw them before they got on stage. We were right next to
Brian as he came out to watch Angels and Airwaves play. It was so much
fun! We stood and sang along to every song they played. They only played
one song that I didn't know and I found out after the concert that it
was a Pink Floyd song, so I felt better about that!

I want that track suit! I Love It! Brian is on the right and I love him too!

WEEZER BABY!!...But second to play ANGELS AND AIRWAVES!!

Angels and Airwaves was much better than Tokyo police. They had a lot of weird boxes and equipment that blocked some of the view and that was annoying! I didn't recognize much of the music but I hear that they are getting pretty popular. I guess I am just too old to know who they are!!

PS. What is the deal with skinny legged jeans? They are so incredibly disgusting looking on guys! I am not a fan!!

WEEZER BABY!! ...but first Tokyo Police!

Not to be rude...but this opening act for the concert was just plain painful! I think Seth enjoyed this somewhat but I had to get up and leave, the guy who was plaing the keyboard and was closest to our side of the stage was just obnoxious to watch! He was kind of a spaz! Cassie was in agreement!

We had incredible seats and were able to watch the bands come on and off the stage as well. It was fun to see them joking around with each other before actually hitting the stage and the deep sighs of relief when they were coming off the stage! We also got to see a lot of the behind the scene work before the concert and there were some lighting issues they were fixing during the opening acts that were fun to watch. They climb up these crazy rope was cool to watch!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WCWC - Tyler's Birthday!

September 29th, 2008

We got the oppurtunity to go as a family to the Regional Sports Center and see the West Coast Wrestling Connection, for Tyler's birthday, it was so fun for the boys. Professional wrestling is... will just have to see for yourself! They are coming back November 1st and there is bound to be a much larger crowd!