Thursday, January 29, 2009

California Girls...Part 1 - San Francisco

We are having a blast...Hayes and I spent the day driving in from Redding to San Francisco! Our hotel is, how do I put resembles a haunted mansion! There are lots of spooky corridors and no real entrance, you have to have a key or buzz in. Our cars are locked up in a court yard area that is well...creepy! We have been making up ghost stories and having fun!

We took off from the hotel and hoofed it around Fisherman's Wharf, which was fun but when we got to the alcatraz ferry it was sold out, I was so incredibly bummed out! That was the one thing that I really wanted to do!

We had a great lunch at the "Rain Forest Cafe" the restaurant was so awesome! There were creatures everywhere. I think I enjoyed it more than Hailey but it was just awesome!


Lanette said...

Wow, that sounds awesome, especially the spooky hotel :) Sorry the ferry was sold out though, that's sad. You and Hailey on a road trip--that sounds like a blast! Have a safe and fun rest of your trip! Love ya :)

Lorinda said...

I haven't seen you for so long! I like the new hair style and I'm envious of the trip! Enjoy and thanks for the blog update!

Desi said...

Where's part 2? :-)