Monday, March 16, 2009

Chamber After Hours @ Regional Sports Center

The last 2 weeks have been spent putting together the Springfield Chamber of Commerce After Hours Event! I glad that is over!

It went really well and I shouldn't be complaining but it was a lot of work, and nothing seemed to go as planned. But I think it was a sucess...

I tried to get creative with the sports themed centerpieces and they were a hit! We had lots of competition on the basketball game and several compliments on the flower arrangements...although Heather took mine apart and redid them! My mother would be so ashamed of my flower arranging skills! Hee Hee!

This was my first opportunity to work with caterer's! I have always done my own food (its much cheaper!) The food was good but...not much better than me! If I do say so my self!

We had several different venues come in with tables to display there programs! One of those tables stood out far above the rest...Caprice Day Spa came and gave FREE massages! After the day we had, our staff took advantage of that!!

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