Sunday, June 21, 2009

MY NERVOUS BREAKDOWN...the beginning of a wonderful week!

We got up at 2am in order to get to the airport on time, and this was just the beginning! We check in and get our luggage all deposited to where it needs to go and get to the gate with over an hour to spare, we got some breakfast and wandered around the shops. (yes, they are open at 5am...weird!) As we were getting ready to board, I got this weird impulse to look for my ID (by weird impulse I mean a prompting from the spirit!) and behold it was gone. I freaked and was completely sick to my stomach as I was frantically searching my bags, pockets and finally the airport. I discover I had dropped it by the magazines and got back just as we were boarding! It took the entire flight for me to be able to breath again!!
We get into Denver and seriously spent 2 hours getting a rental car, but the good news was we got an upgrade...for free! I was excited to get on our way, instead of going to the temple as we planned we decided to shop and go to the temple on the way to the reunion the next morning. So we headed to Costco...where I dropped the keys to the rental car somewhere around the bakery and didn't discover this until we were checked out and headed to the car! Ahhh what more could go wrong!

About that...we finished our shopping with minor incidet, bought some styrofoam coolers packed everything away and headed to the hotel. A few hours later Seth stayed in the hotel room while I picked up a couple of things from Safeway, as I open the back hatch to put the stuff in the coolers, I discovered that the cooler had cracked and soaked the entire back end of rental car...there I was standing in the parking lot with the cart boy staring at me as I am bawling my eyes out and trying to sop up water with clothes and towels from our luggage!

Now...I tell you these things with a moral to my story!

The next morning we attended the Denver temple and it was an incredible experience. The peace and comfort I felt there carried with me throughout the week. We had so much fun with Seth's family, I really love them so much!! We are truly blessed to have them!

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Lanette said...


WOW, I think I would've just locked myself in a bathroom stall and cried if that had all happened to me, long before the cooler incident. I'm so glad you found your ID and that you wound up at the temple and had a good experience.

Okay, so one of these days we'll have to find a way to get together (maybe in Denver!) and catch up. How are you guys??? I miss you and hope life is going great for you!