Sunday, September 13, 2009

I did it! I have achieved one of my life's goals!

After the concert we stayed the night and headed into Seattle on Friday! We went all the way to the top of the Space Needle! It was amazing, the view is incredible! There were so many fun facts about it! There is a restaurant at the top and it spins on 1.5hp, that is smaller than our lawnmower engine! Crazy!

Although, I am not a huge fan of heights it was awesome! I am a sucker for a great view!
Funny Story: We went through the gift shop before we went up and I was scouting for a souvenir! I decided to wait until we got down to make a final decision, as you go up, they pose you for a picture and take your picture to try and sell you one in the lobby when you come down! We posed and thinking there was no chance that we would ever buy a copy, Seth smiled! No funny face, just a nice smile! When I went down, I just had to buy it! Boy was he bugged! He never would have had a straight face if he thought I would buy it! Hee hee...sometimes I win!

(Aren't they so adorable!)

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Matt and Charity said...

I blinked! Doh! That was a great trip!