Friday, September 4, 2009

My week with Grandma

I have had a fun week spending time with my Grandma Schoepke! She is such an amazing person, I always feel lucky when I get to spend time with her! This past week has created many wonderful memories for me!

1. My parents went out of town for a week and left her with out ice cream...apparently a fate worse than death! I had to go to Freddy's anyway so we went to get some ice cream, just enough to last until they get back! (When I stopped her she had 6 half gallons in the cart!) When I made her make due with only 2, she grabbed 2 boxes of hagen daz bars as well! I gave up, but I will laugh about that and remember it forever. That trip ended with an argument about wether she needed 1 or 6 snickers bars...and who was more stubborn! (which I apparently inherited from her!)

2. Then we went to the bank and I took out some cash, in order to get cash I have to show my ID! When I pulled it out she grabbed it out of my hand and said "WOW, you were fat!" Just what you always want to hear from your Grandma! She covered her mouth and apologized profusely for the way it came out, she just meant I look good now!

I love her dearly and am so grateful for the oppurtunity's I have had to talk and laugh with her! I can't wait to get started on my DVD project of her for her 80th birthday party!


Hailey Liane said...

That still makes me laugh! I read this quote today and laughed so hard...thought you'd appreciate it!

"Lois: How would you like me to make your life a living hell?
Ace Ventura: Well, I'm not really ready for a relationship, Lois, but thank you for asking. Hey, maybe I'll give you a call sometime. Your number's still 911? All righty then."

Loves, Hays

Whitmer Family said...

Too funny. I am just now checking in with all my blogs, since I've been a bit busy for the last week! Love the stories of Grandma!