Friday, September 11, 2009


Yes, Yes, Yes...we did it again! WEEZER in concert! We went with Matthew to his first concert on September 10th, in Auburn WA. (I don't however recommend this location, the traffic was unbearable!) It was a great concert, even though it was awfully short! (They were one of 3 opening bands for Blink 182!) An hour is just not long enough with my boys! Here are some awesome pictures and a video of Pork & Beans will be uploaded soon! I even refrained from singing (well for most of it anyway) so you could hear them!

WEEZER is so awesome in concert, though I probably won't go to another one where they are sharing the main stage since Blink 182 was awful! Every other word was the F-word, and they were dirty. Just sing and quit talking!!! We left after the second song, he was TERRIBLE. I was so disappointed. When people talk like that they sound so stupid, and they were promoting drugs and sex. It was such an opposite feeling from WEEZER, they are so quirky and funny! I love Rivers!

Well I am off my soap box! As were were leaving, I decided to hand our tickets off to someone who was on the lawn (since we had 2nd row seats!) I walked over and asked two guys who were headed up to the lawn...they were so grateful one of them asked if he could kiss me! It made me laugh, I guess I still got it! Hee hee! (Yeah right!)

Well it was a fun day and I had a blast! I love WEEZER and they have a new CD coming out next month, which means they may have their own concert soon! RADITUDE...I can't wait!

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Looks like it was an awesome time!