Thursday, October 8, 2009

Brick Oven Pizza!!

Saturday Night!

I ran out of time before I had the opportunity to finish about our trip! After conference we met up with a bunch of family and friends (old and new) to eat pizza and share lots of laughs! We pulled into the Brick Oven a bit late, and I thought I saw Colby walking towards the building, I wasn't sure because I hadn't seen him since Vegas so I yelled through the parking lot "Is that Colby I see?" my mom looked at me shocked that I yelled it so loud but when he turned I was so excited I ran and gave him a big hug! I have been planning our family reunion and have had such a huge desire to meet up with my family again!

Then Tracey showed up and I forgot just how much I missed her! She is so funny! One of my favorite memories was when Aimee, Tracey and I went to the Olive Garden for a girls
night and when our waiter came up she said "Your tip tonight entirely depends on whether or not the bread basket stays full!" I laughed so hard but I tell you, I have never eaten as many breadsticks at the Olive Garden...before or since!

I was a little disappointed because I thought that Lanette wasn't going to make it but she did show up and it was soooooo great to see her! She was one of my first YW in 3rd ward and definately one of my favorites! She married a great man and she seems entirely happy! I have always admired that about her though...she is always happy!

And last but definately not least, Josh was there and we were able to meet a bunch of his friends, its great to see him having so much fun with such great people! Go BYU!

This night was amazing, though I must say a bit overwhelming! I wanted so much to just sit and really get to visiting with everyone and there just wasn't enough time!

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Whitmer Family said...

That really was an amazing night! So fun to get to know Colby a little and seeing Tracey and Lannette again was simply awesome! Love you guys!