Friday, October 30, 2009


This Halloween has been so fun! Pumpkin carving with Matt and Charity, cookies, candy and JEOPARDY with my Webelos and cake decorating with Grandma (supervised closely by her kitty-Mali)!

Rachel asked me to make her a cake for her Halloween party on Saturday so me and my inability to say "NO" made her a spider Halloween cake, in addition to my inability to do anything simple took on a crazy fun project! I found a cake idea online and took my own spin on it! I had so much fun, Grandma and I spent 2 days mixing and baking the cake on Wednesday and then frosting and decorating the cake on Thursday! There are definitely things that I would do differently next time but all in all it turned out GREAT! If I do say so myself...

And to top it off, I have options for Halloween night! Seth is working for Casey in Florence, so I can follow him and spend Halloween at the coast, which I love! Or, I can stay home with my kitty and watch hours of chick flix's and hand out candy while working on my Christmas projects! Both incredibly nice sounding options...what to do, what to do?

She is so bashful! Adorable isn't it!

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Lanette said...

OK, so that's the coolest Halloween cake I've ever seen. How fun! It sounds like tonight will be a blast no matter what you decide to do. Happy Halloween! Love ya