Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pumpkin Carving!

So last year we got together with friends and made gingerbread houses for Christmas and so I thought how fun would it be to get together and have a pumpkin carving date night!
So...we invited Matt & Charity over for some fun pumpkin carving & bean dip! (because Mexican food and pumpkin carving go together, right?)

So Friday morning Seth and I went to pick out A pumpkin, an hour and 2 stores later (with a little encouragement from Sis. Alston that you can never have too many!) we had picked out 3 pumpkins in graduating sizes!
Aren't they just adorable! Almost perfectly matching too!

The girls got right to work, but the boys...they were a little wussy about the whole pumpkin guts thing!

Back off Ladies...the one on the Right is mine!

Left to Right: Matt's Skully, Charity's Boo, and Sarah's Bugaboo!
(Seth's is pictured on the end above...its Joker!)

And completely unrelated to pumpkin carving...isn't that the cutest baby belly you ever did see! That's my niece in there!


Whitmer Family said...

Awww...looks like so much fun! And Charity's baby bump is so dang cute!

Lanette said...

Your bugaboo is definitely my favorite. What a cool date night idea! You're all very talented. =)