Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ro..Ro..Ro..ROAD TRIP!

Girls ONLY Conference Road Trip!!!

We left October 1st, about 4pm and headed outta town! Aimee, Rachel, Mom and I, we had an incredible time! On Thursday we made it all the way to Ontario and then stayed the night there! It was a blast and I enjoyed every minute of it!

We got into Utah Friday afternoon and went to visit Josh and his women, and brought him up to West Jordan with us for the night! He seems to be having a ball! I am so happy for him but miss him terribly! He will be home for Thanksgiving and I am so excited!
THANK YOU, Leland!

The next day we went to lunch and conference, it was amazing! I love the spirit that is so strong when you have the opportunity to sustain the prophet, when he is sitting directly in front of you!

It was so great to see Josh again, and to be able to stay with Steve and Lee!

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Whitmer Family said...

Yeah, Road trip! What an awesome trip! We need to plan another one sometime!