Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas: Traditions of Torture!!!

Well, this has been a great holiday season. I have had the opportunity to serve much and spend lots of quality time with my family. We certainly feel blessed this holiday season. Josh came home and I missed him so much!! This term won't be so bad though because he left me a series of about 10 pictures to remember him by...this one is at the top of my favorites list!

Since Seth's family goes to Portland on Christmas Eve, we spent the evening with the Whitmer Klan completing our usual (as I have nick named it!) "Traditions of Torture!" Just watch this video to see what I am referring to! You have to realize this video takes place after several practice's and this was the last of 4 houses! Poor, Poor Bishop...whatever did he do to deserve this!

I love it though, It just isn't Christmas without caroling with the Spindlers...talent or no talent! Poor, Poor Leland, we teased him all night about how this single video was going to keep him out of the Mo Tab!

Christmas Morning dawned very early this year as we spent an early morning trying to recreate Dad's favorite Christmas memory! Big breakfast, french doors, and oh so much family! Heather and Donal came up from California and the whole family was there! Aunt Janice stopped by later in the day and all the kids were home! It was great! That evening we went over to Courtney & Adams and broke into the boys Christmas present and played Rock Band for a couple hours. All in all a VERY fun day!

Grandma isn't one to have her picture taken so I tried on several occasions to snap some good shots of her but this is as good as it gets! Hoping to convince her to go get some professioal shots with me!

Well the Christmas decorations are down, though not quite put away and I am jumping right into planning a baby shower for my favorite pregnant Sister-in-law! I am so excited to have my new niece come into the world! Alison is going to be adorable, and for Charity's sake I hope she takes after her in size!


Whitmer Family said...

Man, that was tortuous to listen to!!!!!! Do we really sound THAT bad?! Remind me next year to mouth the words, but mute the audible that goes with it.

Ben Whitmer said...

@Whitmer Family... Torture??? Sarah, That guy leading the song was amazing. Seriously. And you're related to him?! Lucky!