Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy Birthday, Boys!

Well the first Birthday cake in January was for Tim! He is a huge football fan, and is worried about what he will do when football season is over! I had fun doing this for him and Seth, Tim is a great guy and we love having him around!

Now this beauty was for none other than my AWESOME older...way older brother! Since his birthday is the 10th, when they came up for the shower on the 9th we decided to have a birthday weekend too! We had a party for him and dad after the shower...it was a busy day! So...for Christmas Ben got me this awesome cake server. It plays music, the birthday song, the wedding march and he's a jolly good fellow! It also has an extra button that you can record whatever you want to. So...I recorded the entire theme song from the office and made him an office cake! It was REALLY fun to do that!

I also took these great pictures of the boys...not wanting to go to bed! Actually, I think Luke had already been put down to bed and snuck out to sit on the stairs and listen to the old folks talking! I told him I was going to keep taking pictures until he made a nice face! That just became a challenge and I got all these great pictures of him. At one point he ran to the top of the stairs and laid down so I could take a picture of him that looked like he was falling down the stairs. I love that guy! He is so adorable and Jared is great! He is getting into his own personality and is just a ham. I miss these guys!


Whitmer Family said...

hahahaha! That is awesome! I love all the many looks of Luke!

Whitmer Family said...

OH! And the caked was not only the coolest cake ever, it was DELICIOUS!!! You are a rock star!

Ben Whitmer said...

Best birthday gift I've ever received. Thanks for the cake, Sarah!