Monday, January 18, 2010

Woodburn - Play Time!

Today I had the opportunity to go up to Woodburn and play with my little nephews while Desi and April went to a service project! We had so much fun! We started out by playing cars, I am going to have to get better at putting together race tracks because after half an hour Aaron just gave up on me and decided we should try something else!

So next we decided to build a fort! We took all of the cushions of the couch and made a little fort. Aric got in and was so cute, I decided to grab my camera. When he saw me going to take a picture he ducked down so I couldn't see him and we played a little up and down game until I finally got a good picture of him. It was so fun.

Then we put together puzzles, and watched a cartoon before we decided to go to Walmart and get balloons, not the kind with helium that float but the flat kind so we could blow them up and pop them! By the time we got home Desi was back so we all blew up balloons and tried to pop them...who knew that $1 balloons from walmart would be incredibly tough to pop, but they were...we gave up and went to Chuck E Cheese!

All in all it was a great day and I can't wait for them to come visit in February! Sorry Mike but I am hoping you have to take that business trip to Canada! I like playing with the kids!


Desiree said...

We loved, loved, loved, hanging out with you today! These pictures are so cute, and I feel so special seeing a blog about your fun with my boys. I hope you don't mind, but I copied that picture :-)

Whitmer Family said...

ahhhh, looks like so much fun! So glad you got to hang with Desi, too!