Friday, August 26, 2011

Graduation Day

Portland State University
On August 13th, 2011 Seth graduated from Portland State University with his Degree in Criminal Justice and a couple specialized certificates in his field of study!
I am so proud of him! One of the best days of my life!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good by Oldsmobile...Hello Odyssey!

Bye, Bye my good companion!
I have to say, I used to think that it was weird that people got attached to their cars...much like my dad, I would much prefer to drive a new one every few months. However, I married a man who hates to go car shopping and would rather stick with 1 car until it dies! That being said, I was in a horrible car accident and have now had to say goodbye to the car I have driven for the last 5 years! I miss her...BUT
As I said before, my Seth hates car shopping so while he put in my beautiful new GINORMOUS patio, my dad took me out to buy a car. (Well, an SUV(Seth's preference) or Van(mine)) We drove a Mitsubishi Montero which was beautiful but Lithia just wouldn't negotiate to what I wanted to pay so we went off to Kendall budget lot! We drove a Nissan Quest but weren't impressed with it! As we got out I wondered around the Honda Odyssey that I have wanted since I worked for Honda and my dad convinced me to drive it! (I knew as soon I as got in the car it was going to be mine!) My dad talked them down $4000 and it was still out of our budget. So, I called Seth who VERY reluctantly (he didn't want a van) agreed to spending the additional amount!
So...I know have my Honda! I love her! And I mean Love, Love, Love her! Makes all the pain seem bearable!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

We own a Home!

Home Sweet Home
After a long few months we finally closed on our first house! June 1st, 2011, a day for the record books! Isn't she beautiful! We got a great deal with instant equity on a brand new construction. It is a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home! We are once again in Springfield 3rd ward and loving it! As you can tell, we have major work to do on the yard and landscape! We have plans for a patio, sprinkler system, extended parking area and boat parking!
A VERY big special "Thank You" to my amazing Dad for going above and beyond in EVERY way to help us get into a home of our own! I am a lucky, lucky girl!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What we are up to now!

I realized yesterday that it had been over a year since my last post and that is rediculous! So time to update my blog on our life! This past couple months has been crazy! We had a lease on our apartment that was up in October and wanted to move into a house at the end of that time. In January I sat down with my dad and realized we could buy for the price of rent and started looking for a house! Everything happened so fast, we worked with a great, very patient finance guy and an AMAZING realator and found a great house! Then it was a whirl wind of finding someone to take over our lease and getting everything squared away! 2 weeks prior to signing we get a call that things have gone wrong! house and NO apartment! Homeless and turning 30! So we are now staying with my parents until we find a new house to buy! This is actually working out pretty good for me, I spend my days here with my grandma anyways so its kind of convenient! I attempted to do a monthly dinner calendar and so far we have stuck to it! (I started the last week of March so...its only been a week!) I also turned 30 this past month and I have to say...the week of dreading the big day was way worse than actually being 30! Seth got a new camera for Christmas and he has been taking some amazing pictures, yesterday we were at the temple and he took some amazing shots of the temple! I just love them! He is way more talented than he thinks he is! He has a great eye for details and shots. Seth is also graduating sometime this summer and I am VERY excited! We will be having a PARTY! Well, thats all for now! I will try and be better and keeping this updated!