Saturday, April 2, 2011

What we are up to now!

I realized yesterday that it had been over a year since my last post and that is rediculous! So time to update my blog on our life! This past couple months has been crazy! We had a lease on our apartment that was up in October and wanted to move into a house at the end of that time. In January I sat down with my dad and realized we could buy for the price of rent and started looking for a house! Everything happened so fast, we worked with a great, very patient finance guy and an AMAZING realator and found a great house! Then it was a whirl wind of finding someone to take over our lease and getting everything squared away! 2 weeks prior to signing we get a call that things have gone wrong! house and NO apartment! Homeless and turning 30! So we are now staying with my parents until we find a new house to buy! This is actually working out pretty good for me, I spend my days here with my grandma anyways so its kind of convenient! I attempted to do a monthly dinner calendar and so far we have stuck to it! (I started the last week of March so...its only been a week!) I also turned 30 this past month and I have to say...the week of dreading the big day was way worse than actually being 30! Seth got a new camera for Christmas and he has been taking some amazing pictures, yesterday we were at the temple and he took some amazing shots of the temple! I just love them! He is way more talented than he thinks he is! He has a great eye for details and shots. Seth is also graduating sometime this summer and I am VERY excited! We will be having a PARTY! Well, thats all for now! I will try and be better and keeping this updated!


Desiree said...

I was wondering what was happening with you. Hope you can find something even better than before!

Whitmer Family said...

So glad you've come back to the dark side! :) Keep me posted about the house findings!