Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Good by Oldsmobile...Hello Odyssey!

Bye, Bye my good companion!
I have to say, I used to think that it was weird that people got attached to their cars...much like my dad, I would much prefer to drive a new one every few months. However, I married a man who hates to go car shopping and would rather stick with 1 car until it dies! That being said, I was in a horrible car accident and have now had to say goodbye to the car I have driven for the last 5 years! I miss her...BUT
As I said before, my Seth hates car shopping so while he put in my beautiful new GINORMOUS patio, my dad took me out to buy a car. (Well, an SUV(Seth's preference) or Van(mine)) We drove a Mitsubishi Montero which was beautiful but Lithia just wouldn't negotiate to what I wanted to pay so we went off to Kendall budget lot! We drove a Nissan Quest but weren't impressed with it! As we got out I wondered around the Honda Odyssey that I have wanted since I worked for Honda and my dad convinced me to drive it! (I knew as soon I as got in the car it was going to be mine!) My dad talked them down $4000 and it was still out of our budget. So, I called Seth who VERY reluctantly (he didn't want a van) agreed to spending the additional amount!
So...I know have my Honda! I love her! And I mean Love, Love, Love her! Makes all the pain seem bearable!

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